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Fine Arts

Wood Engraving

In the last 30 years, Gino has been working and searching for different ideas and inspirations regarding nature, especially the botanic - gardens, shapes of trees and flowers. The random movement of the water inspires him and its surroundings are also a big source of interest in his wood engraving themes.

This unpredictable and chaotic behaviour of nature, allows him to find an "order and equilibrium" in his creation, but by searching an order and equilibrium, he is the first beneficiary because he finds his own equilibrium and a place in the universe. This is why "the art exists because the life is not enough...".

He tries to stay faithful to the traditional ancient wood engraving techniques, which is printing using wooden spoons, emphasizing textures, and occupation of space.

He believes the texture and details cannot be disassociated from the philosophical idea.

Although using traditional technique, it still allows and offers me plenty of contemporary creations, which seeks a balance between real images and abstractions.

All prints bellow are
available for purchase

"Garden & Butterfly" - 28x26 cm

"Garden & Cobra Coral" - 40x30 cm

"Enchanted Forest" - 31x18 cm

"Water Stream" - 29x23 cm

"Rainbow Egg" - 43x59 cm

"Moonlight" - 29x18 cm

"Colorful Garden" - 29x23 cm

"Daylight Garden" - 32x24 cm

"Botanical Carroussel" - 50x48 cm

"Pasture" - 22x10 cm

" Garden I " 

"Schoenstatt Sanctuary" - 18x22 cm

"Water Stream II" - 28x28 cm

"Okanagan Valley" - 29x18 cm

"Garden I" - 22x18 cm

"Temple" - 13x25 cm

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