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Fine Arts

Micro Sculptures
in Lead Pencil

The Microcosm of Gino Savino

"I intend to realize a contemporary work, connected with our present time which leads to the microcosm. This is my path... I am not a climber, so this is my "adventure".

It is impossible to observe the micro-sculptures without "bending" in front of them.

If you want to see them perfectly, you must approach, concentrate, and appreciate the main idea of the project. When in its exhibition, the work does not appear clearly in distance.

The project does not have any relation with the virtuosity, abundance and exotic.

As matter of fact, the possibilities of creation in art are very extensive. So it is possible to transform through the esthetic one the instruments of art - the pencil as a work of art".

"The Kennel of Gino Savino" - Sold

"Nude Resting II" - 5mm diameter lead pencil

"Dancing with a Kiss" - Display: 11x14 in / 30x37 cm - Available for purchase

"Nude Resting" - 5 mm diameter - Display: 11x14 in / 30x37 cm - Available for purchase

"The Film of Jesus' Life" - Display: 34x11 in / 87x27 cm - Available for purchase

"Nike's Thinker"- Sold
"Honouring Henri Moore" - Display - Available for purchase
   "The Saxophonist in the Garden" -  Sold
"Michelangelo's David" - Available for purchase
"The Hug of Love"
"White Garden in New York"- Private Collection
Left: " Should I Invite Her to Go Out?"
Right: " What Can I Do With My Diploma?"
    A variety of micro sculptures in lead pencil
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